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Online Nutrition Store

Add an additional stream of new revenue to your business with an online supplement store.

*(Optional:  Your business does not need to add an online store to your nutrition app system)

  • $0 Start Up Cost
  • All Profit, No Overhead
  • NO Inventory Required
  • GMP Certified Supplements
  • 300+ Supplement Brands to Choose From
  • 20,000+ Professional-Grade Supplements
  • Supplements Drop Shipped to Your Customers
  • Generate Online Revenue 24/7/365 Days a Year
  • Customer Service Team to Answer Customer Questions
  • Up to 35% Commission on All Supplement Sales & Weekly Payouts
  • Choose from Fullscript or Kaerwell Online Supplement Dispensaries Stores



***Use Your Own Online Store and Products***

Easy to Get Started

Online Nutrition Store Setup 

After you choose from a Fullscript, Kaerwell or Your Own Store Option, you need to set up your storefront on what products you are going to offer.  From fat burners to digestive aides, you have the ability to sell any type of supplement on your store. Our team can help assist in the creation of a Fullscript or Kaerwell supplement dispensary.

Customer Ordering

There are two ways your customers can purchase supplements through your Fullscript or Kaerwell supplement store.  The first way is by embedding a “Shop” button on your website so customers can create an account and purchase products directly.  The other way is through your nutrition app integration. Your practice or our nutrition coach team at Nutrevo Connect can make recommendations on supplements to customers if you would like through the app.

Product Fulfillment

With each customer purchase, Fullscript or Kaerwell will dropship the supplements directly to your customer’s home within 3-7 business days.  No need to carry inventory. Fullscript or Kaerwell customer service team can answer your customers’ questions via email or phone. Get full access to all reporting to monitor customer sales and recommendations.

No Overhead, All Profit

Nutrition supplementation is a multi-billion-dollar industry with 77% of the population taking supplements for a wide range of health issues.  Take advantage of the exploding growth of both professional-grade nutraceuticals and online shopping with a Fullscript or Kaerwell online dispensary.  No need to carry any inventory and Fullscript and Kaerwell drop ships directly to your customers’ homes. Just collect a commission check each week that is all profit!