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Case Study

Advanced Integrative Medical 360

$1 Million Dollar+ Cash-Based Weight Loss Center

Brand Image

Advanced Integrative Medical 360 wanted to become the #1 integrative weight loss center in the Pittsburgh area. By having a branded app and FREE online weight loss programs with certified nutrition coaches, AIM360 quickly became a leader in the weight loss industry in the Pittsburgh region. No other local practitioner or center had a FREE online weight loss program with its own app.

New Patients

Advanced Integrative Medical 360 receives over 150+ social media leads each month requesting an initial consultation and opting in for a FREE online weight loss program through their custom branded app. By developing a new marketing funnel, Advanced Integrative Medical 360 was able to initially wow potential patients with a branded nutrition app and then build a relationship with them through the app and virtual coaching interactions. This turn-key marketing system consistently funnels initial consultation bookings for the practice.

Patient Results

For years, Advanced Integrative Medical 360 gave patients a handout diet guide with HcG, Lipo, Vitamin B12 and nutrition IV therapies. This system failed to yield consistent results because the clinic did not know how to monitor patient compliance and questions once they left the office. The AIM360 app, digital nutrition plans, tracking tools and virtual nutrition coach were able to exponentially improve patient results and satisfaction on HcG, Lipo, Vitamin B12 and nutrition IV treatments. By combining every therapy with a digital diet plan and nutrition coach, patient referrals and results increased more than ever.

Patient Retention

By using the AIM360 app and virtual nutrition coach with almost every patient, patient retention on 60-day programs dramatically improved. In fact, over 30%+ of patients continued on another weight loss program after their 60-day program was over because of engagement from a nutrition coach and the convenience of an online nutrition plan.

Patient Reactivation

Every 3-4 months, Advanced Integrative Medical 360 emails previous patients on a new online weight loss or nutrition plan launching on its branded app. By offering something of value and FREE, AIM360 is able to constantly interact with previous patients and get them back into the center.

New Revenue

The AIM360 app integrates directly with Fullscript dispensary which allows for patients to purchase supplements via an online nutrition store.  By having no inventory, 35% commissions on supplements sales and Fullscript drop shipping direct to patients, AIM360 makes money 24/7/365 days of the year that is all profit!  Plus, commission payments are direct deposited into their bank account each week.