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Online Weight Loss Nutrition App

The 2.0 Weight Loss Technology Solution

Give your customers online access to cutting-edge nutrition information from the convenience of their mobile phone.  By having your own online nutrition weight loss app program, you can further improve the effectiveness of your current in-person weight loss program OR create an entirely new way for customers to lose weight that is a 100% online.

Experience the Weight Loss App as a Customer

Specialty Diet Plans

Get access to the latest weight loss dietary trends for your clients to follow.  There is 10+ pre-built dietary programs within the app. If you have your own dietary program, our team can program it within your app for you customers to have access to.

Ketogenic Diet Paleo Diet
AIP Diet Mediterranean Diet
Plant-Based Diet Intermittent Fasting Diet
HcG Diet Clean Eating Diet
Gluten-Free Diet Dash Diet
And More…

Tracking Tools

Tracking tools give insight to your clients on their daily progress.  

Food Tracking Exercise Tracking
Hydration Tracking Activity Tracking
Weight Tracking Body Measurement Tracking
Glucose Tracking Blood Pressure Tracking


Create your own custom tracking metrics such as appetite levels, bowel elimination, daily headaches, pain levels, mood levels, etc…

Calorie Counter

Tracking carbohydrates, fats, proteins and net carbs can help clients understand their macronutrient intake.

  • 800,000+ food and ingredient database including restaurants
  • Search function to find favorite food items
  • Bar scan reader to quickly identify nutrition information
  • Custom recipe builder

Recipe Database & Cooking Shows

From ketogenic to plant-based recipes, your nutrition app and portal includes over 800+ specialty diet recipes.  Each recipe includes ingredients, instructions and nutrition information. Select recipes even have an associated cooking video to improve your clients’ experience.

In-App Digital Nutrition Coaching

Nutrevo Connect’s certified nutrition coaches work one-on-one virtually with your clients via in-app messaging.  From holding them accountable to answering questions on the nutrition program, our outsource coaches give clients the support they need to optimize their results and stick to the program.

Admin Portal

Get insight into your clients’ progress and results through your admin portal.

  • Client Messages
  • Clients’ Daily Eating Habits
  • Clients’ Exercise
  • Clients’ Weight
  • Clients’ Photos
  • Clients’ Nutrition Reports
  • And More…

Nutrevo Connect’s outsource nutrition coaches operate your admin portal so you can focus on your core business services.